Grilled Cheese Please

OK, so, I’m not the best flower in the flower shop when it comes to writing. Yes, I can write a great paper or essay and I have gotten an A or two……or more, but writing about things that don’t have to do with a class is a little harder. I will try anyway. Of all the things I could write about, I decided to write about food, mostly. Grilled cheese to be precise and don’t be surprised if I start yammering about gardening and other things now and then.
Why grilled cheese? Well, because 1) I like it and 2) it only became one of my favorite foods this year. I don’t even think I liked grilled cheese before because I hardly ever ate it. It’s like one day I decided I wanted grilled cheese and then I became hooked on it. I also thought it would be fun to try grilled cheese in different restaurants/ diners and see how they compare because believe it or not…..I actually suck at making a good grilled cheese sandwich.


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