Cheesy Love

I love cheese and if I could, I would eat it with everything, but it doesn’t go well with some foods so I don’t. I’m a mozzarella, monterey jack, pepper jack, and goat cheese kind of girl. My favorite is goat because it has a very light flavor that can be used with salads, on sandwiches, melted on pizza and of course on grilled cheese. For some reason goat cheese becomes more delicious when melted and tastes even better with tomato sauce. So, if you haven’t, go make some homemade pizza and add a little bit of goat cheese on top. I have never tried to make grilled cheese with goat, but will attempt it in the near future because it only recently occurred to me that it would be a fabulous idea and it was a stolen idea too. I was in fact eating a grilled cheese sandwich with goat cheese on it from a restaurant in Salem, MA and thought it would be a cool idea to try and make myself one of these days. We will see what happens.


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