Yesterday I was out having some pooltime summer fun. I ended up with a massive sunburn, but how does a sunburn relate to cheese? Well, in my desperateness to stop the heat of the burn, I slathered a nice glop of sour cream on my back and shoulders. Instead of reaching for the aloe vera sunburn gel, I reached for the sour cream. I hate all the artificial stuff they put in those sunburn gels, so I opt for the good old fashioned sour cream and it taste good too….when it’s on toast and not on my skin. I haven’t had a sunburn this bad in years, but always remember that sunburns equal sour cream because that is what my mom used when I was a kid. After being slathered in sour cream, I proceeded to make some toast on whole grain bread. Instead of sour cream I used spreadable goat cheese and added some fresh garlic. It ended up being a delicious way to end my day.


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