Wow! 3 years is a long time

Umm, so I haven’t really kept up with this, obviously. However, 3 years  away from doing this made me realize a lot of things. Well, almost 3 years. We’ll use 3 because 2.5 is weird. In 3 years, I’ve graduated college with a bachelors degree in nothing useful it seems, I’ve dated and failed at finding my prince charming (I’m a Disney brat, I couldn’t help myself), learned new skills, worked a horrible nanny job, moved twice, gardened a lot, and spent too much time worrying about where I’m headed in life. I realized, 1) I should have continued this, 2) it’s always in the back of my mind, 3) blogging is scary, 4) I shouldn’t care what people think, 5) mushrooms and avocados are awesome.


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