10 a.m. Breakfast

Cauliflower plus mushrooms equals a very yummy breakfast. Add a dash of pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and turmeric and it makes a beautiful 10 am breakfast. Oh! and some green tea in a mug to finish it off.

This is so easy, my dog could do it! Maybe not, but it’s really simple. I didn’t follow a recipe or get it from somewhere else. Food is like mixing science and art together. You have to experiment with different foods and flavors and create masterpieces of yummy dishes. If it tastes good, you did it right.

I used a cast-iron pan, added a little bit of oil and set the fire to high (changing to medium/low half way through cooking). Throw in the cauliflower, mushrooms and let it sit, mixing of course, for 10-15 min depending on how you like your cauliflower cooked. I like it crunchy, so 10 minutes is enough for me. Add your spices toward the end so the mushrooms don’t soak them up and just make sure the mushrooms are cooked thoroughly. After all that, you’re golden….literally. The turmeric makes everything gold!



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