Fairy Garden (Part 2)

The last week has been really beautiful, so I ended up spending a lot of time outside (clearly, because that’s all I post about). I ended up spending a lot of time working on my fairy garden yesterday and came up with some awesome ideas and updates to the garden.

I added a cute mini clothing line, another bead lantern, a mine cave, I extended the original path, and the best part, I added crystals to the trees. They look like giant raindrops. The path will eventually be extended to more doors and other pathways.

I took random pieces of cloth I had and just cut them into the shapes of the shirts, pants, skirt and blanket, and then attached mini clothing pins (bought from the craft store) to them. The sticks holding the clothing line are actually bamboo chopsticks from a sushi order. Again, like I posted before, you can find random things in your house to use for any project. The crystal raindrops are attached to the tree by fishing line I found in my garage. I also found the crystals there. They are actually old chandelier pieces. It makes the garden look so much more whimsical and gives it a nice sparkle.

The rocks in the pot dish near the mine cave are gemstones from Penn’s  Cave in Pennsylvania.  You basically pick a bag of dirt and get to pan for the gems yourself. That was a great trip 2 summers ago. I’ll tell you guys about it one day. The idea just popped into my head; I new I wanted to add the gemstones, but I didn’t know how. Suddenly, I found a horseshoe in the garage and it clicked. I wanted to use spray paint for the background of the mine, but I hate using chemicals outside (or anywhere). I ended up finding black cloth and cut it into the shape I needed.

It’s so amazing how everything just starts to come together and the creative part of my brain starts lighting up.


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