6 Reasons to Collect Your Own Marigold Seeds

Marigolds are great plants. They add a pop of color to any garden and repel all sorts of garden pests. Over the past few years, I’ve been collecting the seeds from the marigolds I’ve planted. The result this year was insane! I almost filled a 32oz plastic soup container (reuse, reduce, recycle of course!) with marigold seeds. It took me a couple of hours to separate the seeds from the flower pod, but the work is definitely worth it. You can do this with so many other flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The benefits of collecting and using your own seeds is fantastic!

  1. It’s environmentally friendly. No resources, except your own energy, is used to get the seeds.
  2. Marigolds are a natural pest repellent in any garden. Having a lot of them is beneficial.
  3. You save money! I haven’t bought marigold seeds in years.
  4. They make a beautiful annual addition to any garden because their color is so rich and bright. Mine have finally bloomed!
  5. As a lovely reader suggested, they are so easy to grow! Marigolds also do well in the heat. I would always forget to water mine and they would survive through anything.
  6. Last, but not least, some species are edible, can be used as a tea, and have herbal properties.




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