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I’m So Excited and I Just…

I’m excited today because I can now plant things outside! I’ve been waiting for this day since September and now it’s finally time to get a move on gardening. I want to start as early as possible, so I can plant as much as possible. My peas, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli haven’t sprouted yet, but I’ll check again today. I’m thinking that maybe the cold got to them, since we did have a couple of really cold nights. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


Roses are Pink, Violets are…

Last Sunday, I attended a wedding, and snatched some of these beautiful pink roses. In my family’s culture (Eastern European), that’s what you do at the end of a wedding. You take the flowers. I don’t know why, but who really cares. They’re beautiful and going to be tossed out eventually anyway. I saw it as a great opportunity to do something cool with them. Some I let dry out whole, some I kept in a vase, and some I took apart to dry so I could make some potpourri out of. I want to try adding some Mod Podge glue and glitter to a whole rose and see what happens. I saw glue being added as a preserver when I was doing some research on how to dry roses. I thought it was interesting, so lets see what happens with mine.  DSC01205

An Uncanny Similarity

I was making breakfast for myself this morning and had a deja vu moment. I’m in love with the animated movie Howl’s Moving Castle and my pan and eggs reminded me of a scene in the movie, where Howl is making breakfast with bacon and eggs for everyone.

Mine is on the left, obviously. I don’t have a Calcifer heating the bottom of my pan, but the similarity is pretty funny. I don’t eat bacon, so there are mushrooms instead.

The end result of my meal was this:


I made sunny side up. I like mine a little over cooked, so what I do is turn the heat off and then just cover the pan for a few minutes until the yolk gets a white layer over them. I toasted some bread, added a little German butter (for flavor), and then topped it off with the eggs. I sprinkled salt, black pepper, turmeric, and sharp cheddar on top. The mushrooms have the same spice toppings. Add a cup of coffee and I’m good for at least 4 hours.

PS: I did not eat all 4 eggs. 2 eggs were for my dog because she needs her protein too.


Better Homes and Awesome Gardens

I found a cool article this morning in the April 2016 issue of Better Homes and Gardens about pollinators and the flowers they love. The article is called Winging It by Karen Weir-Jimerson. My favorite insect is bees, so I loved how the article shows the importance of them. I know it’s strange to love a stinging insect that most people fear, but I’ve always had a fascination with those little bugs. They do so much for our world and are so unappreciated. Every time I plant a flower, my goal is to attract bees and butterflies. I usually don’t buy flowers unless they do attract them. A bee and butterfly garden is the most beautiful thing you can create. It’s so easy too. It’s as simple as throwing a bunch of wildflower seeds on the ground and letting them grow into beautiful colors. So, the next time you decide to plant a flower, think of the little guys you’re providing food for.