Better Homes and Awesome Gardens

I found a cool article this morning in the April 2016 issue of Better Homes and Gardens about pollinators and the flowers they love. The article is called Winging It by Karen Weir-Jimerson. My favorite insect is bees, so I loved how the article shows the importance of them. I know it’s strange to love a stinging insect that most people fear, but I’ve always had a fascination with those little bugs. They do so much for our world and are so unappreciated. Every time I plant a flower, my goal is to attract bees and butterflies. I usually don’t buy flowers unless they do attract them. A bee and butterfly garden is the most beautiful thing you can create. It’s so easy too. It’s as simple as throwing a bunch of wildflower seeds on the ground and letting them grow into beautiful colors. So, the next time you decide to plant a flower, think of the little guys you’re providing food for.


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