An Uncanny Similarity

I was making breakfast for myself this morning and had a deja vu moment. I’m in love with the animated movie Howl’s Moving Castle and my pan and eggs reminded me of a scene in the movie, where Howl is making breakfast with bacon and eggs for everyone.

Mine is on the left, obviously. I don’t have a Calcifer heating the bottom of my pan, but the similarity is pretty funny. I don’t eat bacon, so there are mushrooms instead.

The end result of my meal was this:


I made sunny side up. I like mine a little over cooked, so what I do is turn the heat off and then just cover the pan for a few minutes until the yolk gets a white layer over them. I toasted some bread, added a little German butter (for flavor), and then topped it off with the eggs. I sprinkled salt, black pepper, turmeric, and sharp cheddar on top. The mushrooms have the same spice toppings. Add a cup of coffee and I’m good for at least 4 hours.

PS: I did not eat all 4 eggs. 2 eggs were for my dog because she needs her protein too.



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