Glitter Rose

A while ago I posted about some roses I got from a wedding. This is a glitter rose I created. It’s a cool craft project if you have some roses to dry. You can use it for decoration for a party, decor in your house, or as a cool gift. It’s very easy and not too messy.


What you need: Glue, sponge brush, glitter and of course a dry rose.


Dry the rose for about a week, upside down, out of direct sunlight. I tied a string to the end of the stem and hung it off of a metal shelf.


Take the sponge and add some glue. You don’t have to slather the entire rose in glue; just enough to give it a cool effect. This glue dries clear, so you don’t see the white after it’s dry.



I chose colors similar to the rose, but you can use your imagination and use any color you want.



I added some green for the stem. Don’t worry about getting the colors mixed at the bottom of the rose. It gives it a cool look when they’re mixed.


To preserve glitter, I always use a paper under my glitter area. This way you don’t waste or make a huge glittery mess on your table or wherever you make your crafts. It’s also easier to get the glitter back in the bottle this way.


And the finished product! I left the end of the stem clean so I could tape the bottom to something to let it dry. I used the shelf above my craft table. If you want to, you can cut that end off after it dries.


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