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End of Summer and The Four Musketeers

Now that summer is over, there’s not much to do in the garden besides weed and get ready for next year. That means more time on here! I love fall and all the beautiful colors, but it means it’s time to wind down from all the spring and summer gardening fun. I have a ton of pictures from bugs to flowers to ducks and chickens from the last couple of months, so I’ll get to posting those soon. For now, here’s a little story of cuteness to get you by:

20161004_173141These guys hatched over the summer and became my babies. I call them my 3 musketeers and d’Artagnan (the chick). From Left to right, we have Penelope Pussycat, Charlotte (recently found out she’s a girl, not a boy), Daisy Duck (chick), and Pepe Le Pew. Pepe ended up imprinting on me. Imprinting is basically what happens when a bird hatches and thinks the first thing it sees is it’s mom. The little cutie would follow me around and snuggle with me. Who could resist a duck snuggle??

Penelope just did what Pepe did and ended up being my second baby. Then we have Daisy who imprinted on Pepe and just loves to snuggle with her duck brother and two sisters (and me).

Charlotte has a sad tale. She was the first hatched of 9 ducklings and the oldest of these four. Sadly, 8 were lost to a fox, or a raccoon, or a hawk. I don’t really know, since we have so many predators around. Poor Charlotte was left all alone, so I had to bring her inside with Pepe, Penolope, and Daisy. I’m very overprotective of all of them now and don’t let them wonder too far anymore.

They are all so much bigger then in this photo now, but still so cute!


Fairies and Gardens and Rocks! Oh, My! (Part 1)

A few months ago, I saw a cute fairy garden set at The Home Depot and thought, “well that’s cute, I’ve always wanted to do that!” I’ve been looking at cool fairy gardens on Pinterest for a while , so I’m always looking out for cool stuff. A few weeks ago, I finally bought the set! I was so excited and still am. My brain went crazy with ideas! I don’t like to copy things exactly; I’m a do it my own way type of girl. Everything I make is usually my own, but inspired by people who make awesome things.

So far,  I’ve made a well and little mini lanterns. It’s so much fun to create these tiny things. Let’s just say, my trip to the craft store was interesting. I may have raided the clearance section, but I guess that’s nothing new for me at a craft store. Since it was so beautiful outside today, I started my fairy garden project. It’s awesome when random ideas pop into my head and everything just starts to fit together.

This is what I’ve done so far. My phone camera sucks, so the quality isn’t so good, but good enough to be clear. Let’s see what I come up with next!