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Green Beans

Green beans are a yummy snack and a great addition to any meal. If you like a good crunch, raw is the way to go. My favorite garden vegetable is fresh green beans and I eat them right in the garden.

Last summer I got these nice big bean bushes (pictured below) from seeds bought in the store. I collected the seeds left over and planted them a few days ago. Lets see how they turn out this year!



I saw a hummingbird today, which is really exciting because I don’t have any feeders out. My mom has spotted a hummingbird twice before around our garden. My suspicion is the nice, red, juicy tomatoes we have. We have a lot of yellow and orange marigolds and nasturtiums around, but very little red flowers. Hummingbirds are attracted to red colors. I’m guessing that the tomatoes are attracting them and that’s cool with me. It’s a rare site and awesome to see a hummingbird hanging around the garden.

Hello Hot Stuff

Last week, in my attempt to make spicy fermented pickles (say that 3 times real fast), I decided to pick some hot peppers from my garden. What I didn’t know, was these peppers were Serrano peppers and not Jalapenos, as I thought they were. They look very similar.

The last time I cut a jalapeno (store bought), I didn’t wear any gloves because it was very mild. My garden peppers, however, are not! I didn’t wear gloves this time and ended up with an intense burn on my hands that lasted hours. I tried everything from milk to apple cider vinegar. Nothing except ice would do anything.

I finally gave up and decided to drink some nettle tea, which has allergy and pain relieving properties. I drink it for allergy relief. Low and behold, the burning stopped. I don’t know if it was the tea, or just the pepper wearing off, but whatever it was, the burning finally stopped. Maybe the tea worked it’s magic and helped me out.

In the end I learned one very important thing, always wear gloves or protective gear when cutting hot peppers, no matter how mild you think it may be!


Buzzing Bees

I’ve spotted a ton of honey bees all around my flowers and vegetable garden this summer. They’ve helped me with a great deal of pollination and I now have some awesome vegetables because of their hard work. Bees are so important to have and I’m happy about the amount of bees I have around my garden.

I have a special place in my heart for the little buzzers. I grew up with a fascination for bees and wasps. They’ve always intrigued me and I’ve never been afraid of them. I have a great respect for bees. They hold so much power in their tiny bodies and do such a great service to human kind. They are definitely an underappreciated insect.

Blooms of Summer

When summer starts, the flowers come out! These are all the beautiful mid summer blooms around my yard.

Vegetable and Fruit Blooms:

Everything Else:

Fairy Gardens and Bad Placement (Part 3)

The last time I posted about my super cool fairy garden, I didn’t have too many things going on around fairy land. These pictures are a bit out dated because I’ve updated the garden since. I’ll show these updates from a couple of months ago first.

I definitely underestimated the amount of work that needs to be done to maintain a fairy garden. As of right now, before I post current pictures, I need to do a little bit of cleaning. There are a lot of webs, leaves, and debris that needs clearing before pictures can be taken.

Some things I learned in fairy land:

  1. If you decide to do a fairy garden, treat it like real estate. Location, location, location! It matters where you place it. If you put it under a tree, choose one that doesn’t release a lot of debris. Flowers, pollen, fruit or leaves can make a big mess. I placed mine under a tree with all that not so fun stuff.
  2. Mulch! It’s your best friend. It makes your fairy garden look tidy and all the bright colors pop.
  3. Maintenance is required! I let mine go and it got bad. Every few days, webs should be cleared, and any stray objects/debris should be picked up.
  4. Have fun! Nothing can be perfect, so don’t stress it!


A little help from my friends:

Which way should we go?

Oh well!


This is where my inspiration came from for the well:


This image is NOT mine. I found some great ideas here via Pinterest (It’s in a language I don’t comprehend, but has some great ideas and google translate helped):


Mustard Anyone?

So, I’m in love with the mustard I’ve planted. It’s plain old yellow mustard (better than the bottled stuff). It has a nice spicy bite to it and goes wonderfully raw with salads and sandwiches. You can add it in your cooking too. They also add beautiful yellow color to any vegetable garden. You can eat the entire thing. The leaves and flowers taste great! Stay calm and plant on!