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Mint Lovers Beware!

If you’re going to plant mint, of any kind, please beware. Mint is invasive and will take over everything and spread everywhere. It’s a great companion plant for many vegetables, but mint loves to spread it’s wings wherever it wants. So, if you’re going to plant it, make sure it’s in an area with lots of space and away from plants that like space.

My mint went from tiny little bush last year, to giant Godzilla this year. Personally, I don’t mind. The strawberries nearby, however, do mind. Strawberries are pretty invasive themselves and now my mint and strawberries are fighting for dominance. The mint is winning.

Mint and strawberries don’t go well together for a number of reasons, so they are not good companions. I did not originally plant my mint in this spot. A person who shall not be named (my dad) decided it was a good idea to move said mint after I specifically said not to because they would invade everything around them, including said persons strawberries. I guess we’ll see who wins this battle.



Green Beans

Green beans are a yummy snack and a great addition to any meal. If you like a good crunch, raw is the way to go. My favorite garden vegetable is fresh green beans and I eat them right in the garden.

Last summer I got these nice big bean bushes (pictured below) from seeds bought in the store. I collected the seeds left over and planted them a few days ago. Lets see how they turn out this year!

Glitter Rose

A while ago I posted about some roses I got from a wedding. This is a glitter rose I created. It’s a cool craft project if you have some roses to dry. You can use it for decoration for a party, decor in your house, or as a cool gift. It’s very easy and not too messy.


What you need: Glue, sponge brush, glitter and of course a dry rose.


Dry the rose for about a week, upside down, out of direct sunlight. I tied a string to the end of the stem and hung it off of a metal shelf.


Take the sponge and add some glue. You don’t have to slather the entire rose in glue; just enough to give it a cool effect. This glue dries clear, so you don’t see the white after it’s dry.



I chose colors similar to the rose, but you can use your imagination and use any color you want.



I added some green for the stem. Don’t worry about getting the colors mixed at the bottom of the rose. It gives it a cool look when they’re mixed.


To preserve glitter, I always use a paper under my glitter area. This way you don’t waste or make a huge glittery mess on your table or wherever you make your crafts. It’s also easier to get the glitter back in the bottle this way.


And the finished product! I left the end of the stem clean so I could tape the bottom to something to let it dry. I used the shelf above my craft table. If you want to, you can cut that end off after it dries.


Thursday night, coming home from work, I saw this little dude or dudette (picture below) just hanging out in front of the house door. I guess it was so warm, all the critters decided to come out. I saw 2 frogs, a cricket, and a spider (I ¬†shudder at that one). I think it was 78 degrees Thursday! That’s super warm for March in New York. Sadly, I had to work, so I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful day….oh well. I’m so glad to see these little critters though. It means my garden is going to be filled with creatures that can eat all the bad bugs. As much as I hate spiders, they are good for keeping pests away and so are frogs.