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Mint Lovers Beware!

If you’re going to plant mint, of any kind, please beware. Mint is invasive and will take over everything and spread everywhere. It’s a great companion plant for many vegetables, but mint loves to spread it’s wings wherever it wants. So, if you’re going to plant it, make sure it’s in an area with lots of space and away from plants that like space.

My mint went from tiny little bush last year, to giant Godzilla this year. Personally, I don’t mind. The strawberries nearby, however, do mind. Strawberries are pretty invasive themselves and now my mint and strawberries are fighting for dominance. The mint is winning.

Mint and strawberries don’t go well together for a number of reasons, so they are not good companions. I did not originally plant my mint in this spot. A person who shall not be named (my dad) decided it was a good idea to move said mint after I specifically said not to because they would invade everything around them, including said persons strawberries. I guess we’ll see who wins this battle.



The Joys of Spring

When Spring arrives, I become a ghost, and with good reason. Over the last 2 months all I’ve been doing is planting, planting, and more planting. Everything from tomatoes to basil to marigolds. The pros of planting your own food and focusing on gardening definitely out weigh the cons of not posting things on here. Now, all I have to do is wait and let everything grow, with some weeding in between. It’s awesome and exciting to watch everything you plant grow!