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Chickens, Hawks & Reflective Things

Attention anyone with chickens: I’ve been trying to find different ways to keep hawks out. I did research and looked up many different methods of keeping them away. Although, I love to see the hawks, I don’t like it when they attack the flock of chickens and ducks on my yard. My method is anything and everything shiny! They don’t like it and in my research, (I think is was from a post on Backyardchickens.com), I learned reflective stuff confuses hawks. It’s not a fail safe, so always keep an eye out. Vigilance is always best because they can be scared easily by human presence.

After Christmas, I thought it would be great to buy some silver Christmas balls on clearance (nice and cheap) and hang them on the tree where my chickens hang out. Jingle bells work well too because they make noise and are reflective.

I think this works moderately well with a few scare crows thrown in. And, if you’re like me and love a little sparkle in your life, they make nice outdoor decorations. They unfortunately don’t keep foxes away. That’s a story for another day.


  • Plastic Christmas balls stand up pretty well to weather. Stay away from anything glass and always pick up broken ones.
  • Move your scare crows and shiny things around. It confuses predators into thinking there are humans around.
  • Always secure them well on anything you hang them off of.
  • Don’t buy the foam ones. Chickens like to eat those. Not good and they are less weather resistant then the plastic ones.
  • My chickens got used to the shiny things, but it’s always a good idea to hang them where they are not easily accessible.
  • CD’s work just as well: I used some decorative Washi tape, Mod Podge clear drying glue as a sealer, punched a hole and added some glow in the dark beads (for the night critters), and used fishing line as string (it’s durable). WARNING: Always dispose of fishing line properly. Cut it into small pieces and throw it away in a bag. Birds can get tangled in them. I don’t like fishing line, but it was the most durable string I had.

Glitter Rose

A while ago I posted about some roses I got from a wedding. This is a glitter rose I created. It’s a cool craft project if you have some roses to dry. You can use it for decoration for a party, decor in your house, or as a cool gift. It’s very easy and not too messy.


What you need: Glue, sponge brush, glitter and of course a dry rose.


Dry the rose for about a week, upside down, out of direct sunlight. I tied a string to the end of the stem and hung it off of a metal shelf.


Take the sponge and add some glue. You don’t have to slather the entire rose in glue; just enough to give it a cool effect. This glue dries clear, so you don’t see the white after it’s dry.



I chose colors similar to the rose, but you can use your imagination and use any color you want.



I added some green for the stem. Don’t worry about getting the colors mixed at the bottom of the rose. It gives it a cool look when they’re mixed.


To preserve glitter, I always use a paper under my glitter area. This way you don’t waste or make a huge glittery mess on your table or wherever you make your crafts. It’s also easier to get the glitter back in the bottle this way.


And the finished product! I left the end of the stem clean so I could tape the bottom to something to let it dry. I used the shelf above my craft table. If you want to, you can cut that end off after it dries.